Restore deleted contacts on

This is a tutorial which helps you to restore deleted contacts on If you regret of a deleted contact, or delete it by mistake and want to restore it, just make a simple process:

Here are the steps to restore deleted contacts on First of all sign in your account and then follow these steps:

-On inbox, press the apps launcher and then select ¨Contacts¨.

-On Contacts page, click on ¨Manage¨, and then select ¨Restore deleted contacts¨. will show you the number of Contacts you can restore. Mark them if you want to recover and then click on ¨Restore¨. can´t delete added contacts from other services like Facebook or Gmail. You can just delete and then restore the added contacts to and Messenger.

Note: Before you delete a contact, just keep in mind that you just need to recover contacts up to 30 days of having deleted already. If this period passes, you won´t be able to restore them. Therefore, before deleting a contact, think it twice. Remember that there´s no limit to add contacts on You can have as many contacts as you want.