Hotmail sign in problem

Your account or password is incorrect:

First, you check your accounts are trying to log on. Sometimes, you mistyped email addresses or password. With this problem you just need to correctly recall the account name and password, and then login back in again. If all else fails, then you need to reset hotmail password.
Want to reset your password please follow the instructions here: 
Hotmail password reset.

Your account is closed:

There are 3 cases led to this announcement
The First: You close your account
In 60 days, counting from the start of closure of accounts you can open it again. If you more than 60 days: With this case, all the contacts and your mail will be permanently deleted, All other Microsoft service associated with the account will be inaccessible. Therefore, you have to think carefully when making decisions to close hotmail account.
The Second: the account was closed because of inactivity
If you do not have any login activity on your hotmail account for more than 365 days, your account will be permanently removed, can not be recovered.
The Third: the account was closed because of suspicious activity
You use a hotmail account for bad purposes, such as going to spam, spam in large quantities, cause discomfort to other users .... it will also lead to the account being closed.

A problem with computer:

The net connection was fine, other web sites were giving no trouble but Hotmail refusing to load? The conclusion is that really have a problem with your computer. Follow the instructions here: Hotmail page does not open with my computer

Undelivered verification code:

You just request that the verification code again. Note, that you must enter the image of an email address or phone number. You should verify the two steps to ensure the safety of your account.

Your account is hacked:

In case you are able to login
You should cleaning Systems on PC: Scans, Trojan, malware ....
Next is the account password change, update an email address instead.

In case you are unable to login

You ask reconstruct the password by "reset password". If all else fails, you have to rely on Microsoft's support team. Note: you need to remember your registration information provided email account correctly for support groups and provide the password on the form.