Hotmail Password Reset

In case you do not signin to your hotmail account, you forgot your password, you want to reset for a password ... don't worry, just follow the few steps below:
- The First, go to the homepage: (outlook), click on "Forgot my password", you can look at the illustration below:

- Then, please answer the question: "Why can't you sign in?”, You tick the checkbox "I forgot my password" and click "next", you can look at illustrations below:

- Enter your Hotmail account in upper box and given captcha code in lower box. And click "next"

- You need to verify your identity by choosing one of the following three ways to get a verification code:

1. If you want to get a verification code at the email address, tick the "email [email protected]", type an email address instead and click "next"

2. You want to send a verification code via SMS device, tick the "text *****", type in your phone number and click "next"

3. You want to get a verification code with a voice call, tick the "call ****" and click "next"

4. I don’t have any of these.
Select this option if you don’t have any of the above options. This will lead you to a set of questions about your email account, “Phone number”, “ Alternate email address”.... You must correctly answer.

Note: The email account and phone number you entered above is in the box "Help us protect your info" you have filled when registration hotmail account.

- You will receive a code in seconds. Enter the code you received in the box and click "next"

- Enter the password you want to change, then click on "next":

- Finally, login hotmail with the new password you just reset.